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Why does my stylist always try to get me to buy hair products?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

5 reasons why we want you to have the products that we recommend during your service:

1. We know how they work

We use these products day in & day out- we know that they work, how they work and when to use them. We spend a lot of time learning about what we use by doing classes in-person and online. Did you know? We are required by the NC state board of Cosmetology licensing to do continued hours of education per year?

2. We know your hair:

Especially, if we’ve been doing your hair for a while. When we suggest something new it’s because we’ve noticed a change in your hair. If we’ve never done your hair before, chances are we’ve seen your hair type before so we know that the products we use daily will work best for your desired style.

3. Passion & just a smidge of selfishness

We love what we do and because of this we get excited about the tools we use! Especially when there is a new product or tool we think would work awesome on your hair- we get those creative juices flowing and get inspired! We know when you start using the products that we know and love it will make our jobs easier so when you come back for a color service for example, your hair will be in optimal condition to stay healthy & get the results you desire.

4. Running a salon is expensive, haircare sales help

Yes, It does help the salons bottom line. Remember when we were talking about those classes we have to take all the time? Those classes cost money. The really good ones, the ones that help us create amazing hair and set us apart from other stylist? Those classes cost a lot of money. The 2-3 day workshops on hair cutting and Certification classes for hair extensions can cost thousands of dollars. The tools we use like blow dryers & shears can cost anywhere from $300-$1000!

They’re the best of the best because we want the best for you. The money made from product sales goes towards those classes for the stylist and constantly updating the tools we use and the products we use.

5. We love the companies we chose to partner with

We love the particular company we chose to partner with- Davines. Davines is an incredible company with a commitment to stylists, to their customers and to our planet. They are a certified B Corp. and use renewable energy as much as they can. All packaging is recycled. The research and development department for Davines staff consist of mostly women chemists. The active ingredients in the products come from small family-owned farms that have been growing those ingredients the way they’ve been grown for generations. For us as career stylists- we are exposed to these products and chemicals for years. We want to use something that’s as close to natural as we can get, not only for our own well-being but yours. Most importantly- these products perform. The color line we use is also created by Davines- so when we suggest the same home care products its because we know they work synergistically.

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