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Unlocking the Magic of Hair Extensions: Your Top FAQs Answered!

Do you ever wish you could change up your hairstyle as often as your mood? Well, guess what? Hair extensions might just be your new best friend! These fabulous locks of extra hair have been taking the beauty world by storm, and we're here to spill the tea on all the burning questions you might have. So, grab your favorite champagne (okay, or just coffee!) and get ready to dive into the enchanting world of hair extensions!

1. What Are Hair Extensions, Anyway?

Let's start with the basics. Hair extensions are strands of real human hair that can be added to your natural mane to create length, volume, a splash of color or in some cases, All three! Think of them as your instant hair makeover buddies.

2. Are Hair Extensions Right for Me?

In most cases, YES! Hair extensions are versatile and can work for just about anyone. Whether you want to add oomph to your hair for a special occasion or simply change your look, there's an extension method type for you. There are so many ways hair extensions can benefit you. For example, you may have some front pieces that just won't grow. Sometimes just one pack of tape-in hair can make ALL the difference. An in-person consultation with your Stylist can help determine which method will work best for you.

3. How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

The lifespan of your luscious locks depends on the type of extension method and how well you care for them. For certain methods and with proper home maintenance, the hair for can last up to a year.

For example: The Sew-In Weft extension method *could last 6-9 months and just be moved up at your maintenance appointment every 4 weeks.

Tape-In hair must be removed, cleaned and refitted to your hair every 6 weeks. This move up service happens a number of times before it may need to be fully replaced in the 5-6 month timespan.

The Ktips method has no in-between maintenance appointment but has to be replaced at around the 5 month visit because they are fused to the hair with a keratin bond .

Your Stylist will discuss the maintenance schedule based on the method of hair extensions you have.

This is why it is so important to follow all Stylist schedule reccomendations.

4. Can I Still Style My Hair Extensions?

You bet! Hair extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled just like your natural hair. The great thing about the hair extension hair is that it can sometimes hold the style longer than your natural hair. This makes getting ready so much faster.

5. Can I Go Swimming with Hair Extensions?

Short answer? yes & no, Most hair extensions can handle a splash in the pool, but just be sure to rinse and condition them afterward to keep them in safe. To avoid a change in color due to chlorine absorbtion from the pool avoid getting it wet all together or if you must get it wet then you'll want to soak the hair in regular water from the shower before dipping them in the pool (think of the way a sponge can only absorb so much) In all cases you MUST blowdry at least where the hair is attached and avoid air drying as it can cause scalp issues.

6. How Do I Choose the Perfect Shade and Length?

Picking the right color and length is crucial for a seamless look. Our Expert stylists will help determine what will match your extensions to your natural hair effortlessly.

7. Are Hair Extensions Comfortable to Wear?

They take some time to get used to but after a while you won't even notice they're there (except for all the compliments you'll receive)! Hair extensions are installed and designed to be comfy and lightweight.

8. What's the Secret to Removing Hair Extensions?

When it's time to say goodbye to your extensions, leave it to the professionals. They'll use safe methods to remove them without causing damage to your natural hair.

9. Let's be real here- Why are hair extensions so expensive?

Hair Extensions are a luxury service. Let's think about this, We are taking someone else's hair off of their head and putting that hair on your head semi-permanently. THAT, MY FRIEND- IS BOUJEE! We love luxury & mean that in the best way :) Lets also talk about quality- All Bellami hair is 100% Remy Cuticle hair. What exactly does that mean? The term “remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture and assemble the hair extensions. All remy hair has a uni-lateral cuticle direction, which essentially means the hair follicles all go in the same single direction from root to tip. Since all the hair strands stay aligned in their natural direction, using remy hair ensures the natural look, feel, pattern, and beautiful texture of the hair. It also guarantees minimal tangling and matting, commonly found in non-Remy or low quality products so remy human hair extensions remain super soft and naturally silky with a healthy shine throughout its lifetime.

10. How else should I care for my hair extensions?

You'll want to invest in a Satin Pillowcase, A couple of Satin scrunchies. It is best to sleep with your hair in a low 3 strand braid or two low braids (pigtails). If you are very active, sweat a lot, go boating, or ride motorcycles follow the sleep rules and wear it in a braid. This will prevent the hair from tangling and causing unnessesary stress on your natural hair. It is also best practice to blow-dry your hair after washing it (sorry, no more air drying) to prevent scalp issues.


Here is an example of an awesome before and after on our friend Katie.

This is the Sew-In Volume Weft Extensions. On the left you can see the before and the right the after. We also have an example of the hair styled straight in the middle so you can see how well it blends in terms of color, cut & texture.


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