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We are proud to carry Bellami Hair Extensions.
BELLAMI is the #1 most recognised hair extensions brand in the world.

BELLAMI or "Beautiful-Me" is bold, sophisticated and luxurious with the power to instantly transform your style and elevate your confidence. We recommend an in-person consultation to discuss haircare maintenance, pricing and to match your hair colour and hair texture. 

bellami hair extensions


  • Once your stylist has an in-person consultation with you to go over pricing and match your haircolor & density we require a $500 deposit to order the hair .

  • We will schedule your installation appointment for a future date before you leave.

  • At your install service your remaining balance is due. 

  • If you would like to split payments up before your install date we can coordinate this for you 

  • We recommend booking 3-4 maintenance appointments before leaving your first install appointment to maintain the health of your hair.

hair extensions swatch
Permanent Hair Extensions

Extension Policy: 
If you currently have hair extensions that need to be removed we can do so and replace them with Bellami hair extensions. We do NOT perform maintenance services on hair extension methods we did not initially install.

before and after hair extensions
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