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Waves, Curls, Coils we love them all at Mane Habit Salon.

Where are our Curly Friends? We want to celebrate you!

Each stylist has been trained on how to work with curly hair and is dedicated to helping you find the best products and routine to maintain your look at home.

Maybe you didn’t realize how much texture you have in your hair? Maybe it only gets curly at the beach once in a while? Maybe it’s so thick and curly you don’t know what to do with it so you wear it in a bun all the time?! Maybe you’re seeing videos across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram about something called the “curly girl method”? What even is that? We invite you to come in for a Curly Cut Experience. We'd be honoured to explore the journey of your natural texture with you.


Ready to put down the flat iron?

If you are looking to revive your curls after years of abuse from flat irons, relaxers or smoothing treatments we would love to help you embrace your curls. We understand it’s not just a physical change but a mental shift in perspective about beauty and self- acceptance.

Link to book Curly Cut Experience:



Did you know?

“Curly consumers spend more each year on hair products than any other texture type – an average of $247 vs. an average of $139 for naturally straight-hair consumers.”

One of the three pillars we stand on as part of our salon culture is Education- we value education for us and our customers. Our goal is to help you make sure you are spending money on the right products for your unique hair type and it is important to us that you know how to use them and in what steps to use them in. Also, we offer 100% guarantee satisfaction on all haircare products- If you don't love them bring them back and we'll swap it out for something else.

Products that nourish, moisturize and style curls are imperative to creating the look you desire but we want to share a little secret with you. Are you ready to hear it?

-Water is just as important! So get yourself a water bottle to add to your styling arsenal asap!

We suggest this water bottle from


The three main types of curls we choose to categorise hair texture as are Waves, Curls & Coils.

Here we will add a brief summary of the products we know and love to help style and nourish each type of

curly hair.



Davines Curl Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner

For soft curl:

Davines More Inside Curl moisturising Mousse

For Hold:

Davines More Inside Medium Hold Modelling Gel



Davines Momo shampoo & Conditioner

For detangling:

Davines Curl cream

For Curl Encouragement and moisture:

Davines More Inside Curl building serum



Davines Curl Smoothing shampoo & conditioner

Davines Momo potion

Davines More Inside Strong Hold Cream Gel


We also wanted to list links to the special tools we recommend for curly hair.

*Full Transparency* when you purchase through these links we receive a part of the sale.

Thank you for supporting us!

This brush will encourage your curls to cluster together and help spread product evenly.

While a hooded dryer is an investment it also is a multi-tasking time saver for thick, dense coils. Using a hooded dryer will help ensure your scalp gets dry & stays healthy.

Tools for re-styling curly hair

Satin Pineapple Cap to help maintain second day looks.

*When you come in for your appointment-Ask your stylist why this makes so much sense for curly hair.

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